Aquatrainer Horse

For the rehabilitation and training support of Sports
and leisure horses. Particularly gentle and effective.

  • Wellness for your horses
  • Rehabilitation after operations, injuries & tendon damage
  • Treatment of back problems
  • General revitalization
  • Complementary training
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Horse´s progress after 14 days usage

Model Selection Aquatrainer

Horse Gym 2000 | Aquatrainer W2

Aquatrainer W2 / W2T1

W2         Step Execution    ca. 10 km/h
W2T1   Trot Execution     ca. 18 km/h

  • Adjustable belt speed
  • Adjustable water height up to 1 meter
  • Small basin
  • 4000 liters of water tank
  • High suspended matter filtration
  • Unique patented grass / forest soil technology
  • Safety light barrier and emergency stop
  • With 2 doors


Horse Gym 2000 | Aquatrainer W3

Aquatrainer W3 / W3T1

W3         Step Execution    ca. 10 km/h
W3T1   Trot Execution     ca. 18 km/h

  • Adjustable belt speed
  • Adjustable water height up to 1.2 meters
  • Large pool
  • 4000 liters of water tank
  • Unique patented grass / forest soil technology
  • Safety light barrier and emergency stop
  • High suspended matter filtration
  • With 2 doors



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Aquatraining - Basic principles and areas of application

The Horse Gym 2000 Aquatrainer allows you to move your horses in a therapeutic way, while simultaneously watching the movements. Movement in the water is considered an unsurpassed muscle and condition training. The gravity is lifted in the water and it does not weigh the full weight on the muscles and joints.

Water provides a gentle resistance to the force build-up, which increases with fast movement and increases the load in a natural way. The underwater treadmill can be flooded individually for each horse up to 1.20 meters. The scope of application is rehabilitation and training support for sports and leisure horses. We promote the fascination of riding.

Application and advantages for horses

  • Rehabilitation after operations
  • Rehabilitation after tendon and ligament problems
  • Treatment of back problems
  • Restoration of performance
  • General revitalization
  • Complementary training
  • Relief of the tendons and joints
  • Cooling effect / Stimulation
  • Massage of the muscles
  • Healthy blood circulation
  • Muscle building

quality and safety

Training equipment from Horse-Gym-2000 convince by the high quality and the high safety for horse and rider. For example, a light barrier stops the belt when the four-legged leg falls and empties the water immediately. Also the easy loading and unloading of the Aquatrainers, as well as the slow and gradual start-up and filling of the basin, enables a stress-free basic training.

Functions and process

Our tried and tested technique of the treadmill is also used for the water track. This allows the horse to achieve an even, planar footing on a soil quality similar to that of a grown grass / forest floor. The regulation of the belt speed and the water level in the basin allows a targeted adaptation of the requirements to the animal. Depending on the requirements and training conditions, the trainer is flooded with water by a pumping system and the horse runs in the water.

Technology and filtering

Only single components, which meet the highest requirements and have been tested in detail, are used in our horse straps and water tapes. This also applies to the unique filtration system.

The stimulating effect of the horse trainer is also reflected by an apprehension of the horse. These impurities are filtered off immediately by an ingenious, low-maintenance filter system. The water can thus be reused all the time. For special hygiene requirements, for example in clinical areas, we offer special systems. Furthermore the belt convinces by a simple maintenance, low water consumption and a simple cleaning.

Water treadmill for horses

Each Horse Gym 2000 Aquatrainer is specially designed to meet the needs of the customer. So we have answers and possibilities to meet local needs. The filter system can be piped according to the available space, for example to the left or right of the pool - without extra charge. However, the filter can also be installed in a different room than the Aqua-Trainer basin. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.