Walk Treadmill S1

Robust construction, especially low noise and low maintenance. Our standard model with best technology.

  • Incl. ramp
  • Incl. full galvanizing
  • incl. digital display
  • incl. lifting aid at the rear


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Equipment Walk Treadmill S1

Horse Gym 2000 | Unique soil quality

Unique Grass / Forest Soil Technology

✓ Soil quality is similar to that of a naturally grown grassland floor
✓ Smoother and smoother
✓ For an optimal movement of the horse

Horse Gym 2000 | Framing System

Framing System

✓ Galvanized steel construction frame
✓ Particularly sturdy and robust
✓ Low maintenance
✓ Without height adjustment

Horse Gym 2000 | Emergency Stop

Start Delay And Soft Stop

✓ Increases safety significantly
✓ Jerk-free start-up
✓ Gentle braking
✓ Emergency Stop

Horse Gym 2000 | Non-slip Ramp

Non-slip Ramp

✓ Extra flat ramp and ramp
✓ With anti-slip flooring
✓ Designed to be walk-on friendly
✓ Foldable

Guide Rails

✓ Smoother and smoother
✓ Safe running
✓ Protects against wear
✓ Durable

Horse Gym 2000 | Splinter-resistant Side Windows

Splinter-resistant Side Windows

✓ Pleasant feeling
✓ Break and impact resistant side walls
✓ Protection against injuries
✓ Easy to maintain

Horse Gym 2000 Walk Treadmill S1

The movement offer for limited space. The S1 treadmill is the ideal solution for limited space conditions. This gives your horse movement in limited space and the ideal supplement in the workout.

Technical Specifications:

Length: Weight treadmill: Treadmill:
  3.500 mm (with the ramp closed) (without special equipment) 800 mm
  4.860 mm (with one open ramp) 1.500 kg Speed
6.500 mm (Space requirements) Total weight: 0 - 10 km/h
Width: (without special equipment) Noise
1.320 mm 2,300 kg small / equal 60 dB
1.500 mm (incl. control cabinet) Observe the static background (without horse)
2.000 mm (space requirements) Max. weight horse:  
Height: 900 kg  
2.000 mm     
3.000 mm (space requirements)    


Accessories / Extras

Thanks to the following accessories, your treadmill will meet your specific requirements. On request, we can also provide you with an individual accessory for special needs.

  • Pulse heart rate control
  • On / off hanger with shatterproof discs
  • Programmed speed control
  • Examination stand
  • Libra
  • Slot machine
  • Rod rear / front height adjustable with safety lock
  • Solarium
  • Light-permeable, hail-proof roof

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The following riding stables, studs and athletes use a horse-belt from Horse Gym 2000:

"We won´t miss Horse Gym 2000 anymore, it leads to a top condition of our horses"

Felix Haßmann European Champion and German Champion in show jumping

"Horse-Gym-2000´s treadmill is excellent for the training of my show horses"

Lars Nieberg Deutscher MeisGerman Masters, World Cup, Olympic Games, World Championshipter, Weltcup, Olympische Spiele, Weltmeisterschaft

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