Walk Treadmill

Training treadmill for the gait step. It is used to relax and warm the muscles and joints.

  • Stepless speed control max. 10 km / h
  • Unique patented grass / forest floor technology
  • Automatic start
  • Transparent, splinter-resistant side windows
  • Emergency Stop
  • Safety light barrier
  • Security lock
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Model Selection Walk Treadmills

Horse Gym 2000 | Standard Model S1

Walk Treadmill S1

  • Speed ​​approx. 10 km / h
  • With a ramp
  • Fully galvanized
  • With Start-up delay and softstop
  • Framing system
  • Weight approx. 800 kg

Horse Gym 2000 | Standard-Plus Model S2

Walk Treadmill S2

  • Speed ​​approx. 10 km / h
  • With a ramp
  • Partial / full galvanizing
  • With Start-up delay and softstop
  • Manual height adjustment
  • Two-frame system
  • Weight approx. 1,400 kg

Horse Gym 2000 | Standard Automatic Model S3

Walk Treadmill S3
Standard Automatic

  • Speed ​​approx. 10 km / h
  • With two ramps
  • Fully galvanized
  • On & buffers
  • With Start-up delay and softstop
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Fully automatic monitoring system
  • 36 programs with different run times
  • Two-frame system
  • Weight approx. 1,500 kg

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All products are 100% manufactured by engineers in Germany.

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The treadmill is an optimal support for the training of all disciplines. Individual adaptations to the needs and requirements of riders and horses increase the comfort and the benefit. Continuously adjustable speeds up to 10   km / h are possible. A clear, digital display with easy handling gives an overview of time and meters per minute.


Safety is at the top: All components, from the ramp over the floor covering to the side walls, are designed in such a way that possible injuries are prevented. The safety is complemented by various safety interlocks including emergency stop. The training device has a declaration of conformity compiled according to the EC Machinery Ordinance and provides the treadmill with high safety standards.

The Horse Gym 2000 GmbH manufactures first-class equipment, which is recognized and appreciated by professional and recreational athletes. Our horse treadmill supports the movement for horses. We offer you state-of-the-art technology, years of experience and comprehensive know-how for horse training and rehabilitation.