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The Company

Founded in 1997, Horse Gym 2000 GmbH is located in the Bavarian town of Harburg / Großsorheim, not far from Augsburg and Munich. Founder and Managing Director Siegfried Mitzel, himself a passionate horse-enthusiast, had the idea in the 90s of a horse treadmill of the extra class.

The Idea

Existing roller treadmills prevented the flat breaching of the horse's hooves, so that only a horse treadmill with a compliant plate could be considered as a counter-solution. The new horse treadmill concept should not prevent the natural movement of the horse, but should support it, and thus be consistent with the experience of veterinarians and farrier breeders.

In 1995, based on this idea, the first prototype, which Siegfried Mitzel completed with the help of his longtime friend Werner Jordan, was developed.

The unique original

Today, nearly two decades after the first prototype, horses worldwide train on the horse tradmills of Horse Gym 2000 GmbH. The "Who is who" of the national and international horse racing scene not only pays tribute to the special technology of the Horse Gym 2000 treadmills, but also appreciates worldwide customer service and individual service.


The entire Horse Gym 2000 team is working tirelessly, constantly improving the products. Therefore, it's not surprising that for some time the product portfolio has also been extended by an aquatrainer as well as a spa. By expanding its product range, Horse Gym 2000 would like to offer its customers complete solutions for the training, therapy and rehabilitation areas.