Vibrating plate for horses

The vibration plate loosens the muscles
of your horse and promotes balance.

  • Strengthen the musculature
  • Gentle training for your horse
  • Protects against injuries
  • Contributes to active muscle relaxation


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Equipment Horse Vibratory Plate

Individual configuration

  • With a plate
  • With 2 plates, front / rear individually controllable
  • With 4 plates, each leg individually controllable


The following riding stables, studs and athletes use a Vibratory Plate from Horse Gym 2000:

"Horse Gym 2000 can not be imagined without us, it makes our horses top-fit."

Felix Haßmann European champion and German junior champion

"The Horse-Gym-2000 treadmill provides excellent support for the training of my tournament horses."

Lars Nieberg Deutscher MeisGerman Masters, World Cup, Olympic Games, World Championshipter, Weltcup, Olympische Spiele, Weltmeisterschaft

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Original Horse Gym 2000 Quality since 1997. From the inventor Siegfried Mitzel.

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All products are 100% manufactured by engineers in Germany.

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Horse Gym 2000 vibratory plates

The Horse Gym 2000 vibration plate loosens the muscles of horses and promotes balance. Almost all the muscles in the body of the horses are stimulated by the vibration training. Vibration is particularly effective especially for deeply lying muscles, for example in the back. A further advantage is that the vibrating plate on your horse also activates rare muscle parts. These muscle groups, which are often already formed by injuries or maladjustments, are reactivated and trained by the reflex-like vibrations.

This training device is available in various variations. The respective plates can be adjusted in both the round and the up / down movement at different heart rates.

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Each Horse Gym 2000 vibrating plate is specially manufactured according to the requirements of our customers and riders. So we have answers and possibilities to meet individual needs, whether pony, sports or leisure horse. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also offer you a lease on interesting terms. Take advantage of the top leasing conditions now.

Technical Specifications:

Length: Mass: Power Supply:
mm (without special equipment) kW / V
Width: kg  
mm Observe the static background  

Accessories / Extras

Thanks to our extensive range of accessories, your horse vibration plate will meet special requirements. On request, we can realize an individual accessory for special needs.