Horse Solarium

The solarium increases health and
helps to Wellbeing of your horse.

  • Drying and warming of horses
  • Relaxation of the muscles
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Positive support for healing processes
  • Increased performance
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The following riding stables, studs and athletes use a horse-solarium from Horse Gym 2000:

"Horse Gym 2000 can not be imagined without us, it makes our horses top-fit."

Felix Haßmann European champion and German junior champion

"The Horse-Gym-2000 treadmill provides excellent support for the training of my tournament horses."

Lars Nieberg Deutscher MeisGerman Masters, World Cup, Olympic Games, World Championshipter, Weltcup, Olympische Spiele, Weltmeisterschaft

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Horse solarium | Horse-Training | Find out more

Temperature fluctuations contribute to the training of horses. In the natural habitat the animals experience the seasons, but also the temperature gradient between day and night particularly intensively. Through strong temperature fluctuations, wind and precipitation, horses have developed a very good heat and cold tolerance. The control of the constant body core temperature works in the short term by the sweating, the erection of the coat and a changed blood circulation in the capillary system of the skin. For long-term fluctuations the horse reacts with coat changes, as well as the formation of a fat layer. Fluctuations between day and night, wind and fresh air are perceived as normal.

Thanks to modern horse care, the necessary sun hours are reduced very much, although the horses need a lot of light. UV rays contribute significantly to health.

Positive features of UV radiation:

  • Growing up
  • Contributes to bone formation
  • Promotes muscle metabolism (formation of vitamin D in the skin)
  • Forming red blood cells
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Increases resistance to infectious diseases
  • Increases the body's defenses
  • Stabilizes the circulation
  • Increase of the power reserves

The tanning also improves wound healing, and UV rays disinfect against viruses, germs and bacteria. Another positive effect is the increase in the hormone balance. This results in a higher performance in stallions. In mares, increased vitamin D3 levels contribute to increasing fertility and natural absorption. The tendons are also heated and loosened by the radiation.

Lack of daylight:

  • Blood glut (anemia)
  • Less oxygen transport
  • Reduced muscle performance
  • Storage water (anti-training effect)

We therefore recommend equipping the horse stable with large windows. Light and brightness contribute to the well-being of the horses, but are not a substitute for the extremely important day or sunlight.

Horse tanning for performance and health

With a horse solarium you eliminate the lack of too little sunlight. The particularly pleasant sun rays lead to greater vitality, resistance, vitality and health in humans and animals. The psychological well-being is also positively influenced, resulting in a balanced state of mind, good concentration and improved performance.

Tanning for sports and leisure horses

The performance-enhancing and health-promoting effect of UV radiation is extremely beneficial for all horses and should also be used regularly in recreational horses. Even in the case of open-air shelters, it is not ensured that the animals receive sufficient sunlight in the winter.

Horse training

The Summerwind horse solarium prepares your quadruple optimally for the training and activates the circuit and the performance. In the cold winter months warming is particularly important to loosen muscles, expand the capillaries and supply all muscle cells with blood oxygen. Following horse training, after a step phase, the horse solarium serves to relax the muscles and to treat muscle inflammation.

Frequency of applications

At least three applications per week are designed to keep your health healthy and provide the necessary resistance. For the activation of the whole organism or for therapeutic measures, a daily tanning is recommended. In the case of sport horses, sunbathing before and after training or competition is useful. A time frame of 20 minutes is sufficient for the positive effects to unfold. The distance should be at least 60 cm from the horse.