Horse Treadmill

For an effective, joint-safe running training. The muted
Bottom plate ensures relief of the joints.

  • Unique patented Grass / Forest Soil Technology
  • Automatic start
  • Transparent, splinter-resistant side windows
  • Emergency Stop
  • Safety light barrier
  • Security lock
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Model Selection Horse Straps

Step Treadmill

Walk Treadmill

Relaxation and warming of the muscles and joints.

  • Speed control max. 10 km / h
  • Security lock
  • With start-up delay and softstop
  • Side walls transparent and shatterproof
  • Height adjustment (depending on the model)

Walk Treadmill
Horse Gym 2000 Trot Treadmill

Trotting Treadmill

For fast two-speed gear.

  • Stepless speed control max. 55 km / h
  • Step / track position can be switched separately
  • With Start-up delay and softstop
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Fully automatic monitoring system

Trotting Treadmill
Gallop Treadmill

Gallop Treadmill

For the fast three-speed gait with floating phase.

  • Stepless speed control max. 60 km / h
  • Step / trot / gallop position can be switched separately
  • With Start-up delay and softstop
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Fully automatic monitoring system

Gallop Treadmill

NEW: All treadmills are available with pulse heart rate control.

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The Original

Original Horse Gym 2000 Quality since 1997. From the inventor Siegfried Mitzel.

CE-TÜV Approved

Certified quality, safe and reliable. According to the valid EC directives.

Made in Germany

All products are 100% manufactured by engineers in Germany.

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Horse belt - the gym for your horse

The treadmill for horses is used to give horses an additional movement. The training devices ideally support the warm-up before the workout, as well as during the drying process. In addition, treadmills contribute to an increase in physical fitness and muscle building and to rehabilitation.

Positive characteristics Horse straps:

  • Weather-independent training
  • Identical training conditions
  • Dry, grippy tread
  • Uniform finishing
  • Variable slope
  • Ideal for implementing training plans

In order to prevent possible injuries, the horse-friendly training set-up is recommended very early in the season. The condition training on the band is a significant part of every training plan.

The original horse-belt from Horse-Gym-2000

Horse-Gym-2000 treadmills, harnesses and gallop belts are characterized by their innovative lace technology and robust, low-maintenance construction. The CE and TÜV tested construction and construction method corresponds to the latest technical and scientific knowledge. The high-quality horse treadmill "Made in Germany" finds increasing use in the training work of dressage, jumping and driving horses.

High-tech for perfect training conditions

A special advantage is the technique of the tread floor. Due to the special soil quality, which is similar to that of a natural, grown grass / forest floor, the four-legged animals come to an even, flat finishes. In addition, the step surface adapts to the movement process. Through this special technique of the Horse Gym 2000 horse-belt a fast-promoting, maximum freedom is achieved. This achieves a sensible muscle build-up, in particular of the back and the hind leg.

A special highlight is the heart rate control (heart rate monitor) with a touchscreen display. Heart rate and lactate are generally accepted indicators for assessing the performance and condition of a trained horse. In addition to the horse races, the Aquatrainer, the horse solarium and the vibrating plate are among the most popular products in horse sport.

Accessories for individual requirements

With the following accessories we complete our Internet offers for horse owners. These include the horse scales, the coin counter, the solarium with heat exchanger, the up / down stirrups with shatterproof disc, the translucent, hailproof roof and the program-controlled speed regulation.

Leasing offers

Take advantage of the top leasing conditions now. Horse Gym 2000 offers a wide selection of horse-drawn hoops and offers you a leasing offer at interesting conditions.